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The Wall Street Journal reports on how, following a disappointing first quarter performance, IBM CEO "Virginia Rometty delivered a rare company-wide reprimand telling employees to move faster and respond more quickly to customers." The comments came in a video that was distributed to every company employee, in which she made the following points:

• "Where we haven't transformed rapidly enough, we struggled. We have to step up with that and deal with that—and that is on all levels."

• "If a client has a request, a requirement, a question, an expectation, respond in 24 hours."

• "And if anything slows you down, call it out. Engage management, engage leadership and let's deal with it."

• "The wonderful news is our strategy is the right one. Our fundamentals are strong and our future is in our own hands."

• "I know we will confront this honestly and with urgency, and moments like this are when IBMers rise to the occasion. We don't retreat; we go on the offense."
KC's View:
I thought this worth noting because some of the comments she makes cut across channels and industries - the importance of speed, the need for total engagement, the requirement that offense is where you move the ball (as opposed to defense, which is where you stop the other guy from moving the ball).