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USA Today reports that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz "admits to having gee-whiz, future plans on the drawing board" for what the store of the future may look like.

Not that he's willing to go into them "in any detail." The paper says that Schultz will only concede that it "is not only linked to the physical but the digital experience ... You'll know it's a Starbucks store, but you'll know that you'll be walking into a significant evolution."

Here's the important passage:

"The parameters are wide but the central focus is very clear, he says: 'If we were competing with Starbucks, what would we do?'

"Success, he says, means never standing still. That's a concept that all innovators — large or small — must embrace, says Schultz. Many of the changes to come to the Starbucks brand will be related to new technologies — some of which, like mobile payment, are already in motion. Many of the changes will be related to health and wellness. And some of the changes will relate to Starbucks as a broader consumer brand."

You can read the whole piece here.
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