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by Kevin Coupe

The tragic events that took place in Boston yesterday, and the news reports that are unfolding today, in many ways seem all too familiar, even though it may take days or weeks or even months to find out precisely what happened and who is responsible.

It was a reminder that we live in a dangerous world, and that our free and open society makes us vulnerable to attacks like the one that took place at the finish line of the annual Boston Marathon, that took the lives of three people, including an eight-year-old boy.

But as we consider the possibilities and implications, I would suggest that the image that ought to remain with us - when the sound of the explosion and the cries of panic have receded from memory - is that of people who had just finished running 26.2 miles, and who propelled themselves even further, to local hospitals where they offered to give blood. Or who ministered to the injured, despite their own exhaustion.

That's extraordinary.

That's what Boston was about yesterday. That's what America is about today.

It ought to be an Eye-Opener.
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