business news in context, analysis with attitude has opened a new online store - the "50+ Active and Healthy Living Store" - designed to cater to customers who have reached the half-century mark and are looking for products in a number of categories - nutrition and wellness, exercise and fitness, health care, medical supplies, travel and leisure, entertainment, and more.

The store makes it possible for customers to "easily discover hundreds of thousands of items that promote active and healthy living," Amazon said yesterday.
KC's View:
The important thing here for competitors to remember is Amazon's ability to drill down into existing data to determine who among its customers are 50+, what they've already bought, and then use algorithms to determine what it can sell to those shoppers.

I think it fair to say that Amazon may have more information about each individual shopper's habits and purchases than almost any other retailer ... and it intends to use that information to drive sales and profits. The big difference is actionable information ... and it will be the difference between winners and losers in the fast-evolving retail climate.