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Yesterday, MNB carried a story about the growth of smartphone penetration in the US - in 2012, 49.4% of the U.S. population had smartphones, in 2013 it is expected that 57.3 percent will have smartphones, and by 2017, projections are that 67.8 percent of the population will have smartphones.

The Los Angeles Times now reports that Facebook today is expected to introduce its own smartphone, described as "an HTC smartphone that operates on software called Facebook Home. The social network’s News Feed, messaging, photo uploading and other features will be integrated into the phone ... It will be the biggest step yet to re-engineer Facebook into a mobile company. Like, Apple, Google and Microsoft before it, Facebook is putting a device into people’s hands that is designed to tether them to the service."
KC's View:
Hard to know at this point whether the Facebook phone will be a big success or not. But clearly, shifting consumer behavior is forcing the company to adjust its approach to business ... it can't just be your older brother's Facebook anymore.