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The website called reports that researchers at the University of California - Los Angeles have "produced genetically engineered tomatoes to produce a peptide that mimics the actions of good cholesterol," and found that "mice that were fed these tomatoes in freeze-dried, ground form had less inflammation and plaque build-up in their arteries."
KC's View:
I wouldn't know a peptide from a popsicle, but I'm perfectly willing to accept the notion that these scientists have done something good. I daresay that if these tomatoes were sold in a produce department, or used as an ingredient in a product, and were marketed as being engineered for positive health benefits, a lot of people would be willing to eat them and even seek them out. I easily could be one of them.

At the same time, some people would want nothing to do with them - for the same reason that some people only eat organic, and other people don't give a damn.

Which is why I continue to believe that such products should be labeled, and then explained to the shopper in a specific and transparent way. Let the consumer make a judgement, based on information. To resist such labeling, I think is both lazy and deceptive.