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by Kevin Coupe

Inside Retailing reports that in Australia, Target and Disney worked together to create an interactive retailing wall inside a Sydney movie theater that was showing Cinderella, the 1950 animated classic.

The wall offers young theatergoers the opportunity to use their parents smartphones to scan QR codes to buy costumes, DVDs and other products related to the movie. And while Target, which is handling fulfillment for the project, says it has no intention of making the installation permanent, it does say that it will evaluate the project to see what future possibilities are.

The Sydney movie theater project is described in the story as being similar to the retailing walls installed by Tesco in subway stations in Seoul, South Korea, in 2011.

This is yet another Eye-Opening example of how the retail world is changing, and how smart companies are seeking out unusual opportunities and accessibilities.

BTW ... if you haven't seen the original MNB story and video about the Tesco subway store,

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It remains an Eye-Opener.
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