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• United Supermarkets has announced that it is using the occasion of National Nutrition Month to offer "a variety of initiatives aimed to make healthy shopping effortless and gathering nutritional knowledge simple ... Recently launched at Lubbock’s newest Market Street, and soon rolling out in other United communities, is a new shelf tag program featuring 'healthy attributes' that identify products in 10 different categories, such as low-sodium, heart-healthy, organic, gluten-free, etc. The new tagging system is designed to help guests easily spot foods that meet specific nutritional needs.

"Shelf tags also include the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System, which rates the nutritional value of foods throughout the store on a scale of 1 to 100."

• The Boston Globe reports that LL Bean, having had a strong 2012, "plans to give bonuses to about 5,000 full-time and part-time employees" that are "equal to 7.5 percent of an employee’s pay in 2012."

In a statement, L.L. Bean president and chief executive Chris McCormick said: “L.L.Bean has performed very well in a continuing volatile retail environment - with economic uncertainty, political distractions, and shaky consumer confidence. We ended the year with a modest gain in net sales over the prior year, but significant improvement in productivity.”

Just think of what it will do for front-line personnel to know that they are being rewarded for hard work. As opposed to companies where CEOs don't seem to know that hard work by front line personnel is what makes them ultimately successful.
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