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• The Chicago Tribune reports that McDonald's is eliminating certain menu items - including the apple walnut salad and Chicken Selects, and maybe even its Angus Third Pounder - as it prepares to introduce new items during the spring and summer. Among these new items, according to the story, are expected to be "the McWrap sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grilled or fried chicken, and a choice of sauce. The Oak Brook-based burger giant has additionally been testing chicken wings."

• The Los Angeles Times reports that Jamba Juice is "expanding its current lineup of orange, carrot and wheat grass juice to include eight options made with apples, lemons, ginger, pineapples, beets and kale. That includes chilled choices such as a mix of orange, apple, pineapple and ginger, all pressed on the spot. There are also hot juices inspired by Jamba fans in South Korea."

According to the story, "The juice rollout is being paired with a new store prototype debuting Thursday in Santa Monica, a city already crammed with juice bars and juice cleanse devotees." This store "is the first of about 100 stores to be revamped this year, mostly in California and New York."

The story notes that the company also is expanding with "up to 1,000 more JambaGo self-serve kiosk machines in schools, convenience stores and other properties," as well as a new drive-through prototype.
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