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Starbucks will add functionality to its mobile payment application that will allow users to leave a tip for baristas, the Associated Press writes.

The application will become available next summer. In addition, when a Starbucks payment option is added to the Square app next month, a similar capability will be included.

According to the story, "Starbucks Corp. doesn’t break out the percentage of payments that are made with mobile phones, but says a quarter of payments are with a Starbucks card, which can be either a physical or mobile payment. The company also said its existing app is now integrated with Apple’s Passbook, meaning a customer’s Starbucks card automatically appears on their iPhone screen when they enter one of the cafes."
KC's View:
I've always thought that it was a shame that the mobile app seemed likely to cut down on tips at Starbucks. If they're smart, they'll construct the app so that, if I so choose, I can add either a percentage or a specific amount to every order, automatically.