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USA Today writes this morning that obesity is getting greater visibility in American ad campaigns, as "some of the nation's largest brands ... are featuring images of obese or overweight folks in their advertising in a bid to change consumer behavior."

The story notes that "the move comes at a time almost two in three adults are overweight or obese, and diseases caused by obesity cost Americans $145 billion last year. In the past, when obese folks showed up in ads, they were often the butts of jokes. Now, they're visual images for change."

Example: A Blue Cross/Blue Shield commercial in which "an obese father with a tray full of fast food thinks twice when he overhears his large son arguing with a fat friend over whose father can eat more. The second features a young girl following her mother in the grocery store and picking up the same junk food and putting it in her kiddie cart."

Another example: A Nike ad "showing an obese runner jogging." See it here.
KC's View:
That Nike commercial is one of the best of the year. Tonally, it sort of reminds me of the fictional Nike commercial that was featured in What Women Want.

It is an important statement when companies decide to gently nudge society in the right direction.