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The National Grocers Association (NGA) is out with its 2012 Independent Grocers Financial Survey. Among the results:

"Despite the challenging economic environment, the independent sector held their own, posting an average net profit before taxes of 1.12 percent in fiscal year 2011. Independent grocers also grew same-store sales by 2.6 percent and improved gross margins across key store categories."

"With continued economic woes and their far-reaching impact on the shopper, independents were faced with difficult decisions relative to pricing and margins in an inflationary environment. Same-store sales among independents increased over 2011 by 2.6 percent, but once adjusted for food-at-home inflation, the independent sector lost ground at a rate of -2.2 percent. However, the total store gross margin increased to 26.33 percent, with important gains in key departments. This ultimately translated in increased net profits before taxes of 1.12 percent of sales in 2011 from 1.08 percent in 2010 among independents."
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