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by Kevin Coupe

New York, the weekly magazine, has come up with an unusual solution to what it views as rising postal costs and slower postal deliveries.

In Manhattan, to subscribers living in buildings with doormen and to commercial addresses, New York is now being hand-delivered. "Once the rollout is complete,Advertising Age writes, the magazine "will be hand-delivering nearly 60,000 subscriber and complimentary copies to Manhattan addresses," or about "60% of the magazine's file in Manhattan."

The story says that hand-delivery is competitive with US Postal Service (USPS) rates, and also means that people will actually get the magazine on Monday, or a day earlier than if it were mailed.

Ad Age also notes that "another weekly, Bloomberg Businessweek, has been using newspaper carriers to deliver many subscriber copies in major urban markets."

This clearly is a temporary solution to an ongoing problem. And it strikes me as a stopgap measure ... because pretty soon will be able to just go to people online, completely avoiding the USPS issue.

But it remains an Eye-Opening move.
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