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A week after the Cornucopia Institute criticized Stonyfield Farms CEO Gary Hirshberg for not having provided any financial support to the movement calling for the passage of California Proposition 37, which would mandate the labeling of genetically modified (GM) ingredients in food, the Institute said yesterday that Hirshberg has now "cut a check supporting the campaign."

Hirshberg was just one of a number of prominent executives in the organic segment that were challenged for what some perceived as a lack of enthusiasm for the campaign, though the organization conceded that Hirshberg is "one of the founders and the Chairman of the Just Label It Campaign, working to secure uniform, federal GMO labeling nationwide, as is the standard throughout Europe."

Most of the reporting from California has suggested that while the "yes on 37" forces have been vastly outspent by those opposing the mandate, including biotechnology companies with a vested interest in preventing the referendum from passing, many of the polls indicate that the electorate supports it.
KC's View:
realize that some folks will point out that by writing a check, Hirshberg could be accused of violating the tenet that suggests business leaders need to be careful about taking political positions. But I think this is different, because Prop. 37 is so closely aligned with the business proposition and core values associated with companies like Stonyfield Farms.