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MarketWatch reports this morning that Apple Inc. "appeared to have sold out of its initial inventory of the iPhone 5 just an hour after it began accepting preorders Friday, suggesting strong consumer interest in the new device.

"The Cupertino, Calif. company's website began accepting preorders Friday shortly after midnight Pacific time. Within an hour, however, the company's website indicated that shipping times had slipped from an expected delivery on the device's launch day, Sept. 21. Preorderers were told their iPhone 5s would be available to ship in two weeks."

It was just a few days ago that some economists were predicting that iPhone 5 sales could actually have an impact akin to that of an economic stimulus package.
KC's View:
An MNB reader wrote in yesterday busting my chops a bit for not spending any time yesterday reviewing the new iPhone 5, and wondering if I had placed my order yet.

I won't be getting one anytime soon; I have a six-month-old iPhone 4S, and don't need to upgrade. Mrs. Content Guy needs a new phone, though, and she'll be annoyed to find out that there could be delays in getting one.

I have to admit that I am amused by some of the criticism that Apple did not offer any enormous surprises with its announcement on Wednesday. There has been so much speculation and so many leaks over the past few months, it would have been virtually impossible to create that kind of surprise.

That's the price of success. I also think that it'll only be a couple of months before we start hearing speculation about what the iPhone 6 is going to be like...