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by Kevin Coupe reports on a new survey showing that tablet computers are more and more being adopted by older Americans: "Tablet owners 55 and older who watch TV and movies weekly on tablets jumped from 11 per cent last year to 19 per cent in 2012, while owners in the 45-54 range also saw large percentage gains (15 per cent to 24 per cent). The actual number all of older viewers (tablet and non-tablet owners) watching TV shows and movies weekly on tablets more than tripled since last year, though that group is still a small percentage of total tablet TV and movie viewers. Meanwhile, the tablet viewing habits of owners 44 and younger were virtually unchanged over the past year."

Sometimes, we all make the mistake of thinking that such technological innovations are put in front of older people with the same success as pearls are put in front of swine.

But it also seems true that older people today are different - they are computer literate, interesting in trying new technologies, willing to experience new things. And I just thought this study about tablet habits was an Eye-Opener.
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