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The Austin Business Journal reports that Whole Foods is partnering "with a digital entertainment distributor FilmBuff to increase the audience of its online film festival," which features what it calls "provocative films about food and environmental issues.

"The organic grocer’s Do Something Reel film festival will now be accessible on multiple platforms, including iTunes, YouTube and XBox 360."

The current film is entitled Grow! and is about 20 young sustainable farmers in Georgia.
KC's View:
The real message here is not in the fact that Whole Foods is in the movie business, though that is an interesting way to spread its brand message, but the fact that movie makers and distributors no longer have to go through traditional channels to get their work seen. That's because there are so many alternatives and, in some ways, the traditional channels are being disintermediated. It can happen to anyone and everyone ... and this is a broader trend that every business leader needs to watch and from which every marketer needs to learn.