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Bloomberg has a story about how Walmart "is becoming more sophisticated in its dealings with government, co-sponsoring events with a range of advocacy groups from business organizations to Hispanic elected officials, building a bipartisan Washington presence, and interviewing its customers on political issues. The company will also have a presence in Tampa later this month when Mitt Romney accepts the Republican Party presidential nomination, and in Charlotte next month at the Democratic Party’s convention."

Walmart is said to be keenly aware of how important its "Walmart moms" are in the electoral process, so they are working to both be in touch with the needs, interests and priorities of this voting bloc and use those issues to further its own political interests.

For example, Bloomberg writes, "Earlier this week, 10 Wal-Mart moms from the Denver area were assembled for the company’s latest focus group, where they were asked about their top issues and impressions of the candidates. Reporters were allowed to view the discussion online, access that ensured the views were ultimately heard by the candidates.

"Participants, whose full names were kept confidential, used words like dissatisfied, frustrated, deceitful, unhappy and personable to describe how they feel about Obama, 50. Uncertain, greedy, slick and businessman were some of those used to describe Romney, 65.

"Those gathered said they were most concerned about jobs and the economy, health care, education and women’s rights. One of the women shared her frustration about her three adult children still living with her because they can’t find jobs that pay a living wage, while others talked about being under-employed or having family members who are out of work."

Indeed, Bloomberg suggests that Walmart's ubiquity around the country, especially in battleground states for the presidential election, could mean that its shoppers will help to determine who wins in November ... and the numbers at present indicated that Obama's 2008 advantage is shifting to Romney.
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