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USA Today reports that some hotel chains are focusing on creating teen appeal, hoping that this will endear them to parents who will choose to stay in places where their kids are engaged.

Among the ideas is one adopted by Omni Hotels, in which it has created a special Teen Concierge charged with interacting and interfacing with kids via social media.

Other concepts include developing special menus for teens, offering reduced-price massages and facials for teenaged girls, and even special teen programming on their television systems.

Until now, the story suggests, when hotels catered to kids they often were thinking about younger children, offering little that was specific to teens. But that is changing, as parents are seen as empowering their teens to make decisions about things like hotel stays; in addition, the chains hope that they can create some sense of loyalty during teen years that will carry over to when these teens get older, get jobs and start traveling on their own.
KC's View:
Smart. And maybe the idea of a teen concierge is one that retailers concerned about appealing to the next generation of consumers ought to consider adopting.