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Wine Spectator reports on a new Canadian study, conducted by Portland State University in Oregon, with the help of health centers in Quebec and Ontario, saying that "drinking alcohol in a consistent, responsible manner is linked to an overall improvement in health and well being ... Subjects who kept their weekly consumption 'sensible,' according to the authors, also reported feeling happier and had fewer complaints compared to nondrinkers and former drinkers."

According to the story, "The researchers say the results are important because the study tracks alcohol consumption from middle age onward, whereas prior research lacks age-specific drinking risks. 'Indeed, if anything, continued moderate consumption during middle and later life may have been beneficial,' they added. However, the researchers say their study does not support starting to drink for health reasons."
KC's View:
The results sound about right to me. And, if Portland State conducted this study, it must be accurate. Right?

(Full disclosure: PSU is my employer while I am teaching In Oregon this month.)