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• The Toronto Star reports that Walmart Canada, as it continues the battle for market share north of the border, is adding Angus beef as an incentive to shoppers. According to the story, "To promote the steaks, food trucks will be travelling to the 170 superstores across Canada. Cooks will set up grilling stations in front of the stores to serve samples to customers."

Bloomberg reports that Wal-Mart de Mexico, operating under a cloud because of allegations that it engaged in systemic and systematic bribery of Mexican officials as a way of fast-tracking its stores there, is slowing down its expansion plans for the coming year.

The devision plans to open between 325 and 335 stores this year, down 23 percent from the previous projection of as many as 436 openings.
KC's View:
I could be wrong about this, but I see the hand of Shelley Broader - the cheerful foodie who runs Walmart canada - in the food truck sampling idea.

As for the Mexico slowdown, that was predictable. Though it is hard to feel sorry for a division planning to open more than 300 stores in a single year. Mexico will survive the slowdown, and so will Walmart. (There are a few local officials, however, who may find their wallets to be a little lighter than usual. I don't feel sorry for them, either.)