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by Kevin Coupe

Media Post reports on new research by a research firm called Buyology that shows that there is gap in the entertainment and brand preferences of Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats, it seems, like HBO, "The Daily Show," Animal Planet, "Modern Family,” “30 Rock,” "Parks and Recreation,” “Glee” and “Parenthood.” (At a guess, this may have something to do with HBO's connection to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart's political leanings, and Alec Baldwin.)

Republicans like Showtime, the History Channel, "NCIS," followed by “Castle,” “The Good Guys,” “The Middle” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” (This may be connected to Showtime's acclaimed "Homeland" series, plus the patriotic orientation of the two "NCIS" shows ... though Buyology notes that President Obama has said that "Homeland" is his favorite show. Maybe this is his definition of reaching out to the other side of the aisle?)

Going beyond the entertainment arena, the research shows that a Jeep is “most desired” for Democrats, while a BMW has that distinction for Republicans. The NFL has a great emotional connection for Democrats, while Major League Baseball led among the GOP.

Finally, there are some brands in a variety of segments on which there is bi-partisan agreement - Coke, Visa, Google, Apple and - go figure - Oil of Olay.

While the research has been done in order to point out where political candidates can - and should - talk to their bases and/or possible converts, it also has the effect of making some folks - in this case, me - realize how bipartisan they are.

For example, I love "The Daily Show" and "30 Rock," but I also love the original "NCIS" and "Castle" and prefer Major League Baseball to the NFL. And, given a choice, I'd much rather own a BMW.

I'm guess I'm just a model for the new bipartisanship.

How about you?

I suspect that most people's brand preferences don't break down along such specific ideological lines - and that the stark divide and incivility that roils the nation's politics are seen more in Washington, DC, in political campaigns, and on the fringes of either party. Which shouldn't be an Eye-Opener, but often is...
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