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Fast Company has a fascinating story about how the guys who founded Twitter have created an incubator company called Obvious Corporation that "is backing a company that makes a plant-based meat substitute that it claims is going to make people forget that meat has to come from animals."

"The first reaction I had was, I know this is a meat analogue but if someone were to serve this to me in a restaurant I would have said 'I think this is a mistake,'" says Biz Stone, one of the guys behind Obvious Corporation and a longtime vegan. "There’s something about the mouth-feel, the fattiness. It feels fatty and muscly and like it’s not good for you when you’re chewing it. For a long-time vegan, it’s a little bit freaky."

According to the story, the startup company, Beyond Meat, "is manufacturing products that purportedly taste and feel like real meat ... have a better nutrition profile (no cholesterol, no saturated fat, but lots of protein), and will eventually be available at a lower price point than the industrially farmed stuff."

It is a very interesting piece with enormous implications for the food business, and you can read the whole thing here.
KC's View:
If I were going to put my money behind a company that could make vegan eating palatable to the broad population, it would be behind the folks who created Twitter.