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Stores magazine is out with a story that says "nothing kills that warm, fuzzy relationship with consumers that retailers strive to achieve and maintain like a rude associate who chats on her cell phone as she rings up an order, or a worker who refuses to make eye contact or say 'thank you'."

Indeed, rude employees are cited in a new survey done for the magazine as the primary gripe of shoppers. Also on the list: employees who don't know anything about the merchandise, understaffing, and store policies on returns and coupons.

And here's the most important paragraph from the story:

"Has customer service gotten worse over the past few years, or do shoppers have shorter fuses? It’s hard to say definitively, but one thing is certain: Thanks to the marvels of social media, it’s not just 10 people who learn about a customer service blunder — it’s 10 to the 10th power. And that makes the pressure to get a handle on customer service more intense than ever before."
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