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by Kevin Coupe

Back in November 2003, MNB took note of a new company called Goliath Caskets, which makes 20-gauge steel large coffins with extra width, length, and depth and that has gotten more popular over the years as the obesity crisis widened ... just one example of how the obesity trend was affecting a number of businesses.

Well, now there is a fresh report about how being overweight can affect you post-mortem.

The Daily Mail in the UK reports about how when the 440-pound corpse of a recently deceased woman was being cremated, the "substantial mass of body fat" sparked a fire that quickly grew out of control. Even after it was doused, the story says, the fire left a "nauseating blanket of scorched grease" on the firemen's suits.

According to the story, the event has precipitated a debate about cremation weight limits.
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