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Dow Jones reports that Starbucks and Coinstar are teaming up with a five-year deal "to open several thousand coffee kiosks in the U.S., brewing cups of Seattle's Best brand coffee for just a buck each.

"The companies will be rolling out kiosks named Rubi in grocery stores, drug stores and mass retailers. While financial details of the deal weren't disclosed, Coinstar won't be able to sell other brands' coffee in kiosks through these channels and Seattle's Best won't be able to open its own vending stations under the terms of the deal. If the agreement is successful, the companies have the option to extend it."

According to the story, "The machines are part of the most advanced of Coinstar's new ventures outside coin-counting machines and Redbox DVD-rental kiosks. They will sell Seattle's Best coffee--a Starbucks brand--for $1 a cup and make fancier cafe drinks for $1.50 each. With just over 50 vending stations in operation so far, Coinstar sees potential for more than 15,000 locations in the US."
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