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The New York Times has a front page story this morning about a new study saying that for some people, exercise actually could be unhealthy.

According to the story, "By analyzing data from six rigorous exercise studies involving 1,687 people, the group found that about 10 percent actually got worse on at least one of the measures related to heart disease:blood pressure and levels of insulin, HDL cholesterolortriglycerides. About 7 percent got worse on at least two measures. And the researchers say they do not know why."

The Times story notes that "authors of the study say people should continue to exercise as before, but might also consider getting their heart disease risk factors checked on a regular basis. No intervention, including drugs, works for everyone," the story says.
KC's View:
I just hope I'm not in that particular 10 percent. If I'm going to go, I want to go quickly, and in one of two ways - I want to go while out for a jog, or while sitting at the laptop.

(Well, there's a third way in which I would not mind going quickly ... but it's probably not suitable for a family website...)