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The Des Moines Register reports that Tom Vilsack, the US Secretary of Agriculture, told the Greater Des Moines Partnership yesterday that "US beef consumption has remained strong despite attacks questioning the safety of lean trimmings in hamburger."

“We haven’t really seen that much of a drop, maybe a small one-tenth of one percent kind of drop, not significant,” Vilsack said.

Vilsack said that consumers and school districts can make their own decision about the use of the trimmings, which have become popularly known as "pink slime." He said that the trimmings are safe, lower in fat and make meat cheaper.

“Eventually, people are going to be looking at a variety of factors as they make decisions in tough economic times. School districts may be faced with tight budgets, and if they’re faced with tight budgets, they have to make tough decisions in terms of this,” Vilsack said.
KC's View:
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