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by Kevin Coupe

As noted here on MNB, "Wegmans: The Musical," a student-created show about sibling rivalry between two brothers who work at competing supermarkets, played to an enthusiastic and standing-room-only audience last Thursday night for its one-time only performance at Algonquin Regional High School in Northborough, Massachusetts.

Well, an MNB user passed along a link to an online video that features part of the show...and you can see it here. Or click on the pic at right.

What is interesting - and Eye-Opening - to me is not just the affection that the actors and the audience seem to feel for the chain, but also the knowing laughter that seems to accompany every joke - people "get it" because they are extremely familiar with it.

That level of intimacy is a powerful weapon in any competitive battle. And when the folks at Wegmans hear the songs and jokes and the laughter, they must think to themselves, "They're playing our song."

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