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The New York Times reports that the Obama administration and the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are pushing the US Congress " to enact online privacy legislation, saying new laws would level the playing field between companies that already had privacy policies and those that lacked them, and thus escape regulatory oversight ... Currently, the FTC monitors whether Internet companies that have privacy policies keep their promises to consumers about when and where they will share personal information. But the commission lacks the authority to assess penalties for most transgressions, and it has little authority over how companies operate when they have no written privacy rules."

The administration wants the Congress to enact new laws and give the FTC "the power to enforce them with civil penalties would promote Internet commerce by increasing the trust that Americans put in online transactions."

There is some resistance to new legislation because of fear that expanded government power could inhibit business growth.
KC's View:
I'm okay with regulations that create a level playing field for all businesses, and protect consumers' privacy.