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On "The Voice" last night, it was former backup singer Jermaine Paul who won first prize, with Juliet Sims coming in second, Tony Lucca coming in third and Chris Mann coming in fourth.
KC's View:
Not to over-analyze this, but I have a whole bunch of comments to make about this.

First, I predicted Juliet Sims would win. I was wrong. But I'm comfortable with Jermain Paul's win - he was terrific.

Second, I was very happy that Chris Mann came in fourth, mostly because it prevented Christina Aguilera from being the winning coach. (As a side note, I cannot tell you how many women I know who have total crushes on Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.)

Finally, I have to tell you that when Justin Bieber sang last night, it was the first time that I'd ever heard him sing. And all I could think was, "This is the little twerp that everybody's been talking about?"