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by Kevin Coupe

The Worcester Telegram reports on how, inspired by the opening of a Wegmans store in Northboro, Massachusetts, a local high school has created a musical comedy entitled - go figure - “Wegmans - The Musical.”

According to the story, “Drama teacher Maura Morrison and her students decided to take this larger-than-life grocery store that opened here last fall — where people camped out overnight for opening day and where a couple actually got engaged in the café aisle — and turn it into a comedic musical ... The musical focuses on the relationship between twin brothers — Teddy, a manager at the new Wegmans, and Roy, who works at a mediocre competitor, the fictitious Acme Food Store. Roy, long jealous of his brother, sends a spy to work at Wegmans to sabotage the store and humiliate Teddy. But the spy falls in love with the store and a Wegmans employee, and struggles with whose side to take.”

Wegmans reportedly is excited about the project, and has donated t-shirts, chef hats and jackets, signs and shopping carts.

Interestingly, the project grew out of improv classes taught by Morrison, with students contributing ideas for characters, plot points and songs.

For the moment, there is just one free performance planned - at Algonquin Regional High School at 8 pm on May 10.

But as everyone who knows Broadway is aware, the Boston area has long been a place for shows to try out before coming to the Great White Way...
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