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• CVS has announced that it has updated it mobile app so that shoppers can digitally store their Extra Care loyalty card in their smartphones.

According to the announcement, “the redesigned and updated CVS mobile app now allows members to simply scan the barcode on the back of their card or type in their account number manually. After the barcode is captured, customers' smartphones will work just like ExtraCare cards at the register ... the CVS app also offers prescription management, mobile shopping, store locating services and access to the CVS/pharmacy weekly circular.”
KC's View:
What took them so long? As far as I’m concerned, these apps are really only relevant - and applicable to my life - if I can use my smartphone instead of a card, all the deals are available to see on the smartphone, and then the discounts are instantly applied to the products I’ve bought when the bar code is scanned or my phone number is entered. (Being able to use the phone number, IMHO, is key to making a card program work.)