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by Kevin Coupe
We talk a lot here on MNB about transparency.  But sometimes, enough is enough.

Did you see the story about how the National Zoo recently endeavored to impregnate its 13-year-old panda,Butterstick, via artificial insemination?  Not only did they perform the procedure, but they live Tweeted about it, step by step ... as the story says, “the National Zoo very literally threw open a process that was until now only known through after-the-fact accounting by the media.”  They even revealed that in preforming the insemination, they used so-called “vintage sperm” that dates back to 2005.  (Thank goodness they did not go into detail about how they obtained said sperm.)

All I could think was, poor Butterstick.  Not only is it denied any sense of romance - it was tough to find a male panda, not to mention arrange a romantic weekend away somewhere in the mountains of Virginia or the beaches of Delaware - but the whole process gets laid out there for all the world to see and experience.  Live.

Maybe romance really is dead… 
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