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This week, let me wax rhapsodic about a new burger place I went to last Friday night. And more.

The restaurant is called Burger on Smith, located in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. To be clear, I have a vested interest here - my nephew, Kyle Huebbe, won a prize for creating what has become the place’s “Trademark” burger, and helped design both the menu and the restaurant.

Mrs. Content Guy and I have been meaning to travel out to Brooklyn to see the place for some months now, but last Friday was gorgeous, the afternoon was reasonable free, so we jumped on a train and a subway and made it out there in fairly short order. And let me tell you, it as worth the trip.

The “Trademark” burger is phenomenal - made with a special grass-fed ground beef made locally, and topped with tomato, lettuce, and this amazing horseradish-chive aioli, and served on a soft and sweet Portuguese muffin imported from Cape Cod. It was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten - juicy and flavorful and just about perfect. On top of that, Burger on Smith has extraordinary spiced french fries, a jalepeno margarita to die for, and a great beer list. (I had the Yuengling Lager, always a great choice.) The restaurant itself is quirky and fun - glass windows and doors on two sides that offer lots of natural light and a great view of the Brooklyn street scene.

I didn’t know we had this kind of talent in the family ... and I walked away from Burger of Smith not just full, but immensely proud of Kyle.

And then, just to complete a perfect evening, Mrs. Content Guy and I did something neither of us ever had done before ... we walked back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge, which felt like something out of a Woody Allen movie.

(It might even get me off the hook for missing our 29th wedding anniversary ... it’s next Tuesday, at which point I’ll be at FMI in Dallas.)

It may seem obvious to say so, but it is nice to be surprised. It could have just been an ordinary Friday. Instead, it was somewhat magical - an evening in the city, great food and drink, and a romantic walk with the girl of my dreams.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday.

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