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• Target Corp. announced yesterday that “it has initiated remodels at 90 general merchandise stores across the U.S., which are expected to be completed on June 24, 2012. Upon completion of the construction, these stores will offer a full selection of affordable and quality fresh foods to guests across the country.

“The June stores will be the second of three cycles of remodels for Target this year. Stores scheduled for the June remodel cycle span markets across the country, from Des Moines, Iowa to El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.”

The company said that nearly 1,000 Target stores currently offer an expanded food layout.

• Nestle has announced that it will acquire children's food maker Pfizer Nutrition for $11.85 billion. Closing of the deal is subject to regulatory approvals.

• It looks like Starbucks has conquered a part of the world previously off-limits to the coffee chain.

It is going to Disneyland.

Disney announced yesterday that it has signed a deal with Starbucks to open stores in both Disneyland and Disney World. USA Today writes that “for Disney, which has often been criticized for the limited food and beverage choices at its parks, this is a huge move forward. For Starbucks, which is running out of ways to expand in the U.S., this is a slam-dunk move in a captive market ripe for growth.”
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