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• The Wall Street Cheat Sheet reports that “Wal-Mart will have to step it up if the company is going to reach its goal of eliminating 20 million metric tons of GHGs by 2015. To date, the company has managed to reach less than 10 percent of its goal. Regardless, a Wal-Mart spokesperson said in March that the company has faith that it can reach its target.

The story notes that “in 2005, the retail giant set goals of being completely supplied with renewable energy, to have no waste, and to sell products that sustain people and the environment. Wal-Mart announced in 2010 that it would eliminate 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from its supply chain by the end of 2015. The amount totals to one-and-a-half times the company’s estimated global carbon footprint growth over the five year time-span.”

• Walmart announced yesterday that its global e-commerce division “is doubling its India hiring target to 200 employees to create a new software platform” to be used in the US, according to a report from MarketWatch.

The story says that “The new platform will connect Wal-Mart's online and store-room products worldwide, for customers and suppliers to interact and shop across devices and outlets globally, Wal-Mart said in a statement ... The move to expand India operations comes at a time when Wal-Mart is pursuing e-commerce opportunities around the world, both in developed markets where it already has stores and in markets where it doesn't.
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