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Apple Insider has a report on Walmart’s new Apple store-within-a-store concept, saying that the section strongly resembles the “clean and ordered” approach used in Apple Stores.

According to the story, “Products sit atop a wooden tabletop, in this case with shelf space for stock storage ... The main area consists of two large tables with corresponding backlit one-sheets for Apple's main product lines and is set apart from its surroundings with a dark carpet. Accessories and tertiary products are arranged outside the carpeted area on regular Walmart shelving.

“In order to concentrate the maximum number of products into one small area, Walmart had to choose which item to feature as display models. Hot-sellers like the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone 4S units are available to test-drive, while other products like the iPod nano and iPod shuffle are locked behind glass security doors beneath the tabletop displays.”

• The Los Angeles Times reports that Walmart plans to open one of its Neighborhood Market grocery stores in Panorama City, California, described by the paper as “part of a big push by the nation's largest retailer into the highly competitive Southland grocery business.”

The story notes that Walmart “has announced plans for 14 smaller-format grocery stores in California, including two in Orange County, another in Ventura County and one in San Diego.”
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