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In the UK, the Telegraph reports that “after two decades of aggressively buying up land and building stores, (Tesco) is understood to be keen to scale back on opening new, large, out of-town hypermarkets in favour of using the capital to invest in its existing store portfolio and expand its Express network of convenience shops.

“It also wants to grow its click-and-collect service, which allows shoppers on the Tesco website to pick up goods, especially non-food items, from their local supermarket. At the last count just 500 of its 2,800 shops were able to offer the service.”

These moves are said to be part of an announcement next week by new CEO Philip Clarke, who is scheduled to lay out his strategic imperatives for the company. Clarke also is expected to announce “a significant investment in higher-quality fresh produce and packaged food,” as well as a major renovation initiative designed to make Tesco’s stores ”warmer” and more shopper friendly.
KC's View:
I guess I find myself wondering if those are the reasons that Tesco has been losing market share. Or is it something else, including tougher competition than it is used to.

Tough questions ... but I have no real sense at the moment that the right questions are being asked at Tesco HQ. If you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll never get the right answers.