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The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that seasonal beers are becoming all the rage, to the point that they now are getting more attention than ever from national brewers since seasonality is seen as one to generate new sales in what has been a slowly declining category.

One example cited in the piece: MillerCoors-owned Blue Moon “sells four seasonal variety packs every year that historically have consisted of four beers, one of them a limited-time seasonal offering. For 2012, the brewer is including two seasonal offerings in each pack. Spring's introduction was Valencia Amber Ale, brewed with orange peel. Agave Blonde Ale, brewed with cactus nectar, is slated for summer.”

Boston Beer Co. CEO Jim Koch, who has been making Sam Adams seasonal beers for more than a quarter-century, notes that its seasonal beer has been one of its biggest sellers ... though sales dropped a bit last year (perhaps because there is more competition in the category).
KC's View:
I like seasonal beers, and when I am traveling - which is often - it is a general practice to belly up to the bar (the belly is a little bigger these days) and order a local, seasonal beer. It is a great way to experience a place.

As the great Robert B. Parker once said, the worst beer I ever had was wonderful.