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Reuters reports that Kraft has decided to discontinue its Athenos line of Greek yogurt, though it will continue to make feta cheese, hummus and pita cheese for the brand. The company said that it would focus on developing new products for the Athenos label.

Sometimes one is so far behind the curve that it is almost impossible to catch up. I guess that must have been the case here. Maybe Kraft should consider trying to acquire Chobani?

Stores magazine has a story saying that product sampling leads to consumers buying new products, and retailers generating new sales.

Really? Shut the front door!

Perhaps the single greatest sin committed by the food retailing business is the lack of sampling done by most of them. Go into most stores and there are few aromas to smell and fewer items to taste. Food should be the most effective differential advantage that supermarkets have, and the vast of majority of them squander it.

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