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• The Boston Globe reports that software giant Intuit is buying AisleBuyer, the Boston startup that “allows consumers to scan a product's barcode in a store, see reviews and ratings, and, if they choose, pay for that product with a credit card without having to stand in line at a register.” Terms of the deal were not disclosed but the Globe notes that “AisleBuyer has raised about $11 million in equity and debt financing since it was founded in 2009.”

• The Los Angeles Times reports that Maryland has become the first state in the union to pass a bill making it illegal for companies to ask potential employees for their social media passwords so they can check out personal information online. This trend recently was highlighted in a series of stories in the media about how some companies have been demanding such information, a practice that some have suggested is illegal - or certainly improper.

The story points out that “measures similar to Maryland’s have been introduced in Illinois, Michigan and California.”
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