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Advertising Age reports on a new statistic generated by marketing research firm ComScore about people who use their smart phones and/or tablet computers to get health-related content.

According to the story, “44% have a health-related app ... (and ) seventeen million people accessed health information on their phone in late 2011, up 125% from the year prior.”
KC's View:
For many of us, the whole notion of an “app” means applications bought through iTunes. So it was fascinating yesterday to read the story on about how “ Inc.’s digital sales of e-books, music, videos and mobile apps surged 29% in the first quarter compared with the fourth quarter of 2011, as measured by revenue. That beat the 2% growth of digital sales during the same period for rival Apple Inc.’s iTunes, market research firm eDataSource reported today.”

It just gives one a sense of the power and potential of the app trend.

More specifically, the notion of delivering health related content speaks to how companies can deliver targeted and relevant content to users ... if it is user-friendly, people should be able to easily access the information to speaks to their specific interests or needs. If crafted right, this should allow marketers to know even more about who their customers are and what they are buying, which allows them to create more relevant offers.

Sound the death knell for scattershot marketing...