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Reuters reports that “the Canadian government has ordered a review of U.S. retail giant Target Corp's plan to move into Canada, examining whether it would be of net cultural benefit to Canada.” According to the story, the “cabinet ordered the review under the Investment Canada Act on the recommendation of Heritage Minister James Moore.

“The review would involve looking at whether the store's ‘cultural’ sales, for example books, will contain enough Canadian content.”

The Reuters piece notes that “Target plans to open 125 to 135 stores in Canada starting in March or April 2013, taking over leases from Hudson's Bay Co's Zellers discount banner, a move which Wal-Mart is trying to counter with its own Canadian expansion.”
KC's View:
This may be standard operating procedure in Canada, but I have to admit I find it amusing. The store has to offer “net cultural benefit to Canada?” (Sounds like a joke from “How I Met Your Mother”...)

Would that mean that DVDs of films and TV shows starring such folks as Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Jim Carrey, Nathan Fillion, Glenn Ford, Michael J. Fox, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Gosling, Stana Katic, Rachel McAdams, Christopher Plummer, Keanu Reeves,William Shatner, Donald Sutherland, and Kiefer Sutherland would count?