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The Wall Street Journal reports that Burger King is introducing a new, better-for-you menu in the United States, with additions that include salads, snack wraps and smoothies, all designed to expand its appeal and deal with the fact that it recently slipped behind Wendy’s in the burger chain wars.

"We found that consumers wanted a broader range of menu options," Steve Wiborg, Burger King's North America president, said in a prepared statement.
KC's View:
It seems likely that Burger King found this out by going to McDonald’s and checking out its menu board ... because these new additions seem awfully similar to changes that Mickey D’s has been making for several years.

It’s nice that the folks at Burger King decided they need to improve their menu. It might have actually been a competitive advantage for them if they’d offered something different from what’s being served over at the Golden Arches. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it also can reflect a lack of inspiration and innovation.