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• In Florida, the Sun Sentinel reports on the plethora of food shopping choices available to consumers there as existing retailers have expanded, new retailers have entered the market, and options have become available in both the low-end price-driven category as well as the higher end fresh food-focused segment.

And it is likely only to get tougher: “Although Trader Joe's has not announced a South Florida location yet, the opening of a store in Naples in February generated a wave of interest from residents in Palm Beach and Broward counties,” the Sun Sentinel writes. says that “South African retailer Pick n Pay has been reported to have held talks  Australian retailer Woolworths and Dutch company Ahold, with a view to selling one of them a stake in the business.” Pick n Pay has not confirmed or denied the reports, which began to circulate after Walmart entered the market through its majority investment in Massmart there.
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