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CNBC reports that Jamba Juice plans to “put its JambaGo kiosks in 400 to 500 schools by the end of the year. The company has already opened 30 kiosks in a pilot program.”

CEO James White says that the company is positioning itself as a healthy alternative at a time when many schools are banning sugared soft drinks and trying to upgrade their meal offerings so they are tasty and more nutritious.
KC's View:
I’d settle for edible.

I like this idea. A lot. I was really impressed when I recently went to my old college, Loyola Marymount University, and saw that there was a Jamba Juice on campus. A big upgrade from what they were offering 35 years ago. (God, I’m old.)

I also like this idea because it reflects a willingness to go into unorthodox locations in search of new business, new customers and new loyalties. probably is not a coincidence that Jamba Juice is making such moves at a time when Starbucks is getting into the juice business.