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The Conference Board was out yesterday with its monthly assessment of consumer confidence, saying that its Consumer Confidence Index fell to 70.2, down from a revised 71.6 in February.

However, as the Wall Street Journal notes, this was not as bad as the 70 that was anticipated by economists.

Confidence dropped a bit because of concerns about rising gas prices, the Conference Board said.
KC's View:
So, there’s a job posted, and three people apply for it - a mathematician, an accountant and an economist.

At the interview, the mathematician is asked, “What is two plus two?” “For,” he says. “Exactly?” the interviewer says. “Yes, exactly,” he responds, a little surprised.

The accountant comes in and is asked the same question. “Four, on average,” he says. “Give or take ten percent.”

And then the economist is called in and is asked the same question: “What is two plus two?”

The economist looks around, gets up, locks the door, goes over to the window and pulls the shades, checks to make sure that there is nobody else in the room, and then comes back over and sits next to the interviewer:

“What do you want it to equal?” he asks.