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Got the following email from an in-the-know MNB reader...

“Another bad management move at Supervalu. Last week it was announced that our Employee Discount on private brands items was going from 15% to 10%. Not a huge deal for most of us, but the store employees are very upset. They have taken to posting anonymously on our company's home page (they aren't allowed on yammer). The largest area of complaint is the fact that the Executives & Great Store Managers just returned from an all expense paid cruise & all Store Managers (company wide) are getting iPads/iPhones. Once again, the timing couldn't be worse. Morale at store level is at an all time low (doing more with less) and these people are on the front lines.

“It's really tough to think about a turn-around of this company when the only person that addresses the employees is our CMO & he's been in that role all of about 2 months.

Where is the leadership? Where is our CEO?”
KC's View:
I’m not sure this is a universal sentiment at Supervalu; I’ve met some folks recently who believe that the company is making hard decisions and positioning itself properly for the future. The issue of the recent cruise continues to be a problem for leadership, though a number of folks point out that it was long planned and almost impossible to cancel. (Bad optics, though.)

But this message suggests that Supervalu continues to have morale and personnel issues it needs to address.