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Mobile Marketing Daily reports on how the practice of acquiring product via tablet computer has created a new buzzword - T-commerce - and that a new study from The Nielsen Co. “shows how willing we are to spend on content.

“According to the Nielsen Mobile Connected Device Report, music is the content that U.S. tablet owners are most willing to buy, with 62% having purchased downloadable tracks for this device. Not far behind are books -- which 58% of users have bought -- followed by movies (51%).

“Magazine publishers that have been scrambling to build digital editions and business models on the tablet are aiming for the right audience. Nielsen finds that 41% of owners have paid for a magazine here. The same number have acquired TV shows. Sports and news content have attracted 22% and 19% to buy, respectively. Interestingly, streaming radio has been bought by more than a quarter of tablet owners.”

Here’s the killer sentence from the story: The U.S. tablet user is, across the board, more willing to pony up cash for content on these devices.
KC's View:
The suggestion seems to be that tablet computers somehow are making e-tailing more accessible to shoppers ... which would point to the necessity for marketers to adjust their strategies to compensate.